Anyone have videos?


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I have never seen a video of a chameleon posted here. So if you have one, post it. If you dont have a vid, then make one!!! Let see 'em!
Here are my two:

Wasabi in "Wasabi's Silkworm"

and Je-uel in "Hide-n-Seek"
the sides are made out of great stuff poly foam covered in peat and coco fibers. There are a few threads running around here from myself and others about how to do it and Black Jungle has a nice tutorial here. Hope that helps.

I am currently building the first prototype of this cage that will be able to break down flat for shipping if anyone is interested in picking one up. You will be able to customize it with the following options.

Size of mesh (1/2"x1/2" or black aluminum screen)
# of screened sides
flat panel walls
natural earth walls
drain or no drain
painted poplar or stained and poly'd oak finish
french cleat or none

It will be shipped as three sides, a top and a bottom, and a pre-hinged ready to hang door. Everything will be pre-drilled and all screws included, all you will need to do is screw it together much like putting a traditional screen cage together, and run a bead of clear silicone at the joint. If you are interested PM me.

here are a few more pics.



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Love the cage and plan on being one of the first to order one from you when they are ready, but do you need a special stand if you order the cage with the drain? I assume you will need a special stand to allow for the weight of live potted plants in the bottom of the cage (support) and allow drainage into a bucket.
LMAO....ya think??? She has major attitude all the time, but she looked receptive at first.....until he started the head butting thing. This is normal for a non-receptive female Veiled Chameleon. No worries....we will see how she feels in a week or so.
Great vids guys! I know this is alot to ask, but does anyone have any vids of the Pygmy chams? I have never seen one in my life, and I am setting up a tank for them around xmas time. So I want to get an idea of what I am getting myself in to!
We have one gravid Pygmy Beraded Leaf Chameleon and I'd be more than happy to shoot a video for you to look at, but you may fall asleep while watching the whole 1 minute video....LMAO.... if she knows someone is watching her, she stands real still until she is sure she is not being watched. I purchased 4 of them at a Reptile show a few weeks back, but she is the only survivor. So far she is doing very well and seems to be happily hunting her fruit flies and small crickets.
I would love to see a vid, but I dont know if those are the kind I am getting. I think the name of the ones I want is R. Brevs? Something similar to that.
1 out of 4??? What happened?
They aren't the hardiest of chameleons, though they are the best to start with as far as pygmy chameleons go. Almost all are Wild Caught and their size and fragility makes accurate treatment for sickness or parasites incredibly difficult if not impossible.

However, R.Brevs are a fantastic chameleon to keep, once you have their care down.
I have found with the brevs that one group/lot that was imported would all (almost) survive but then then with the next group/lot, most of them would die. I'm not sure if it has to do with the shipping/timing or perhaps where the group came from.
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