Anyone have apiary experience?


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With all this great discussion about mantids and hoppers, I can't help but wonder if people out there are feeding and culturing pollen collectors. I mean there has to be a ton of beekeeping knowledge and experience out there, I am sure.

My cams LOVE bees and bumblebees, and I have to say that I don't mind them getting the pollen added to their diet, and it makes me wonder if it's worth while from a dietary standpoint to try to find a local beekeeper to buy from, or even buy a setup/queen and start one myself.

I really don't have any concerns about stings, as my cams have munched a LOT of bees and bumbles with never a single problem.

Also, I am not sure about the required maintenance of a hive, and wouldn't mind talking to an experienced beekeeper about my concerns.

I would love to be able to collect through the colder/winter months, but have NO idea what this would do to a hives health.

Yes, google is my friend, and I will be visiting them soon to do my research, but I thought I would throw this out the thought here as I am sure it's far from original and has probably been hashed out to the fine details before.
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