Any Senegal Chameleon owners????????

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kdmelendez, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. kdmelendez

    kdmelendez New Member

    I don't know many Senegal Chameleon owners and I'd love to chat with a few Senegal Cham. owners! :):D:cool:
  2. gremlin980

    gremlin980 Member

    Hello! I am not currently an owner but my first cham was a senegal! She was a sweetie as are most senegals from my experience.
  3. kdmelendez

    kdmelendez New Member

    Hello! How big did your first Senegal Chameleon get? I was told that they would only weigh up to 8oz and a foot in length. I can't tell whether or not my little guy is an adult yet.
  4. LovitaVelvet

    LovitaVelvet New Member

    I have kept a few senegals over the years, and their sizes have varied greatly. I have one female currently in my collection. Don't know this for a fact, but I think locale may have something to do with the size.
  5. DanSB

    DanSB Avid Member

    I have owned a Senegal in the past and am a huge fan of the species. I'm hoping to get a group of adults later this year to try my hand at breeding.

    This is an expensive endeavor unless I can find a vet who will do fecals without a full exam. But I truly believe these are great animals and a captive bred population would be very popular.

    Senegals are a medium sized species, most people that have claimed they get large have a Graceful, they do look similar if you don't know what to look for.

    I'm always glad to see Senegal keepers! If yours is wild caught (most likely) make certain to get a fecal done and remove all found parasites. They are fantastic at looking just fine until they are too far gone to make it.
  6. deadhd5

    deadhd5 Avid Member

    Check this out... could be a money saver for you considering your plans :)
  7. DanSB

    DanSB Avid Member

    Are you trying to say nothing will help? :)
  8. deadhd5

    deadhd5 Avid Member

  9. Supafly

    Supafly New Member

    Hi all! i have a senegal too! my first cham! began cup and hand feeding after a week of not eating. it's been great so far. it's a little on the thin side though. they have veileds now in the store i really really feel like getting a veiled. but there's this nagging feeling that i shouldnt mix the two together??? thoughts?
  10. DanSB

    DanSB Avid Member

    Do not mix chameleons, they are solitary animals as adults. If you get another it needs its own separate enclosure an visual blocks so it can't see the other chameleon.
  11. Abbey0312

    Abbey0312 New Member

    I have a senegal! I have had her since april 4th, right now she's around 10 inches total and 23 grams. :) She loves to explore my room around 2 or 3 times a week and she's very gentle natured and loves climbing anything in sight......including my curtains as much as it scares me.

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