senegal chameleon

  1. LLLReptile

    New Veiled chameleons of all sizes in stock and on sale!

    Currently available list of Chameleons Baby CB Veiled Chameleons 3 - 4" ON SALE $29.99 each Video Small Veiled Chameleons $39.99 each Medium Veiled Chameleons $59.99 each Large Male Veiled Chameleon $69.99 each SubAdult Male Veiled Chameleons $89.99 each Adult Male Veiled...
  2. kdmelendez

    Any Senegal Chameleon owners????????

    I don't know many Senegal Chameleon owners and I'd love to chat with a few Senegal Cham. owners! :):D:cool:
  3. kdmelendez

    spooky bump by the tail. First problem O.O help!!!

    Hey guys, I've had my first Senegal Chameleon for a year and 2 months now and I haven't really had any health problems with him and until now (I think). Today, I noticed he has a little bump above and by his tail. It's really weird because I check him every day, morning-bedtime and he's been...
  4. kdmelendez

    new habitat set up for Pascal

    I decided to remodel Pascal's cage. I think we were both tired of the same set up so I changed it up a bit. I initially had his cage horizontal instead of vertical. I got a few decoration and voila. End result! :cool:
  5. kdmelendez

    Senegal Chameleons dont get enough credit

    So here's 2 more photos of my little guy, Pascal. This was before we were sunbathing earlier today. I put him in a container before I let him roam around in his cage. In the first photo he looks so happy! In the second photo the caption would be, "HELP IVE FALLEN AND I CANT GET UP. I NEED LIFE...
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