Any New York Reptile Shows???


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Just wondering when there is going to be a reptile show close to NYC. I'm in NYC and all the shows I here about are realy far lol. Anybody know anydates and locations for shows happening in, around, or close to NYC. Thanks a lot guys.
NYC reptile shows are usually a couple months apart, i went to the one in January and got a Jackson. They are in White Plains. I live in Manhattan so I took a train to the bronx met up with my friend and took the Metro North all the way to White Plains. It leaves you about a block away from the place. I'm planning on going to the April 22 show woot!

where in the city are you? i live in midtown west. just missed a show in Lake Grove, Long island this past saturday,
I'm located in the lower east side in manhattan. I never knew where to get info on where these shows are located and dates and stuff. If there is a show anytime soon can someone please give me a date I really want to go. I'm forcing my girlfriend to go with me lol.
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