Any Euro breeders on here? what you breeding 2010?


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Im just wondering if theres any European breeders on here and if so what are you breeding this year?

Ill be breeding Ambilobe, Ankaramy and Ankify. Got Ankaramy eggs that are 3 months into incubation, still waiting on Ambilobe to lay and Ankify are only 9 months old so gonna wait another 3 months or so, I want my female to be at least 65g, 22g to go!!:D
Also, anyone got Masoala, Tamatave or Nosy Borah, please PM me. Ive been let down a few times with Masoala, babies were deformed, had imports ordered but they didnt turn up. Would love to get a pair this year that will actually live, and breed!!
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