Breeding advice!

I’ve been trying to breed my 2 panthers over the last 2 or 3 weeks, they’re both over a year old, I’ve been trying everything from introducing him to her cage and her to his cage, and getting them both out into a neutral environment together (all at least 4 or 5 days apart to not stress them out too much)

Despite my best efforts and my male head bobbing while trying to look good for her and even attempting to mount one of the times, my female wants nothing to do with my male and shows it too, gaping aggressively and turning nearly black with the typical bright pink bar down the sides. I see way more problems with the males being the shy ones and less about the females that’s why I’m making a post. She normally sits pretty receptive looking when she’s chilling in her cage but lately she’s looked a little darker as if she’s cold but I assure you the room temp and basking spot are plenty warm, but she’s not dark enough to be gravid either.

I’ve had a lay bin in her cage for months now just in case with easy access but no eggs not that she’s been bred, she weighed 80 grams the last time I weighed her and I wouldn’t say she’s fat by any means but has looked a little big boned the last month or 2, don’t feel anything lumpy tho the few times I’ve felt her but she always has an appetite and eats everything I put in the cage but I limit her to about 3 or 4 crickets a day with an occasional king worm, horn worm etc.

Only thing I can think of is I just raised the heat lamps to 100 watt bulbs being that I’m in a cold state and with the cold front we had about a month back, as well as adding a new t5 uvb light across both cages which I’m sure brought on some additional heat as well and I’ve read you want to lower the temps to kind of trick them into breeding season so I’m thinking that kinda did the opposite but let me know if you guys have any advice for me, thanks in advance! Tagged a couple pictures of her dark colors she’s been rocking lately that I mentioned as well as what she looks like around the male.


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I saw your previous post and would have commented, but I’ve never bred chameleons and have no advice to give. I do know as much as anybody I guess though. If your girl turned black/dark when you introduced the boy, she is either gravid or not receptive. It may just be a matter of getting the timing right for her receptive phase. Also, I would let her go thru at least one infertile egg laying before mating her. Not only does that give her body time and ensure that she is fully mature, but that she isn’t likely to have laying problems.
Agree with the above and am in the same boat with not having breeding experience. But one thing to note is your feeding her quite frequently. So this is going to produce a much larger clutch. Tons of babies means tons of enclosures with all the correct husbandry. And tons of tiny feeders. And then finding homes for all of those babies. Which IMO if your not a breeder with experience it will limit how many people will buy babies from you. Ensuring that she will have a smaller clutch would be far better and the only way to know that is to see what her infertile clutches total. Not to mention they retain sperm which means follow up clutches can be fertile.
I think and im gonna tell you im gonna breed these beautiful creatures. Wait till they go pink atleast a year old. If not walk your panther past her cage atleast twice a month. Make sure she has a right consistency laying bin from atleast 6 months old And let her lay atleast 2 clutches then let her glance at his sexy ass. Its how im doing it. Obviously get the conditions tip top
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