Any Bay Area (California) enthusiasts who are interested in some equipment?


Sadly my chameleon passed away last month, and I was in the middle of building him a new terrarium. So, his old one (medium sized, glass, screen top) isn't really needed anymore (and neither is his new one, but I am thinking I might want to finish it and sell it -- if someone would be interested in a potentially awesome but only partially-made terrarium, I will entertain that offer). It would be at least a year before I got another pet, and not even sure it will be a chameleon. The medium glass terrarium I'd entertain essentially any offer, but I'd like something for the effort of clean-up and delivery.

So for now I have 1 terrarium, a metal storage shelf for it to sit on (so it's up high) with an extra shelf below, heat and light fixtures and extra bulbs, a small automatic mister, and a few other knick knacks and supplements.

I just want to gauge any interest before gathering details and all. I can deliver anywhere in the Bay Area south of Oak/Berk/SF or north of Morgan Hill.
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