Another question about eggs


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I have very little experience with egg-laying chameleons, I did recently have a clutch of 34 YBBB panthers (33 hatched and doing great).

I've been trying to breed Campani now for about a year and a half, unsuccessfully, until today.

I found my female Campani, searching around the bottom of her cage this morning, so I put her in a lay-bin (she's been showing gravid colors since Christmas), six hours later she was thinner, dirty faced and really angry, so I put her back in her cage and proceeded to dig.

Found these

Now the question, whats with the connecting eggs? The string is pretty strong, I tugged on it and was afraid it would tear the egg, there are two sets of them. I'm hoping for twins (joking), but thinking its just left-over fluids from the egg development.
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