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Today at work I recieved ANOTHER beautiful plant!!! It is a bonsai that has been growing for 5 years! however I am unsure of what the plant is, if anyone could help that would be great!! (Possibly fig)

I would love to incorporate this into my future cham cage, I just need to be sure it is cham safe. Thank you all!


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Doesn't look like any fig I'm familiar with, looks like a schefflera to me.

Fun note on fig trees. Their sap can cause burns, so definitely not cham or owner friendly imo.


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I didnt think so either hower a quick google search showed similar looking trees. I thought it looked like an umbrella tree aswell @blue_cham Hopefully!! Also, thanks for the fun tip!

True, I'm used to outdoor fig trees, when it comes to indoor plants, who knows! Lol. Maybe cross post to a bonsai or planter's forum ;)
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