Another Food Problem


  • Your Chameleon - 4 month old male NosyBe Panther.
  • Handling - Whenever he wants, he quite often walks onto my hand while I try and feed him, sometimes this is every day, sometimes it is less.
  • Feeding - Mainly medium locusts (8-12mm), also medium black crickets (also 8-12mm), he does not seem to like any kind of worm.
  • Supplements - Calcium every other insect, multivitamins and calcium+D3 every other week.
  • Watering - Reptirain set to rain for 15 seconds every 3 hours, although I mist in between if I think it looks too dry or the humidity is at or below 40%.
  • Fecal Description - Normal from what I can tell, clean, white urate, large, moist and brown feces.
Cage Info:
  • Cage Type - 500mmx450mmx1070mm custom wooden vivarium with top and frontal ventilation, bioactive.
  • Lighting - Arcadia 10%(?) tube UVB light and an exo terra 100W basking bulb attached to a microclimate B1, which, as well as all other electricals are on a timer from 7am-9pm.
  • Temperature - Basking is a steady 30C (86F), lower down it goes as low as 18C(64F). Measured, as well as humidity with a komodo thermo-hygrometer.
  • Humidity - Does not drop below 40%, but does not go above 70%.
  • Plants - All live, I know nothing about what types they are as my girlfriend is a plant freak and provided them all for me, however, I can safely say he is not lacking in plants, there are loads to hide in and bask from.
  • Placement - The cage is located on the ground in a room which is not often used, with no extra ventilation and a window to his right.
  • Location - Heathrow, London.

Current Problem - Since maybe Saturday or Sunday, he is not eating as much as he was or as I would like him to, he has only had one from my hand since then, which is unusual for him as he usually hand feeds comfortably every day. He is eating maybe 3 locusts and a cricket everyday, whereas before I was feeding him 8-10 insects a day, and he was eating them all. Probably worth noting that he has shed about 5 days ago and has since spent most of his time, even when feeding as a jet black colour, except from when he is out, at which time he goes bright and seems happy.

Thanks for any help.


Have the cage temperatures dropped at all?

In this thread you were having trouble with him eating too...did he go back to normal and is now doing it again?
Did you make the changes to the supplements, etc I talked about?

Also...what are you feeding/gutloading the insects with?
Can you please post a recent photo of your chameleon?
The cage temperatures haven't changed, I am supplementing as suggested, and yes, he went back to normal and is now doing it again, but for longer this time. I'm gut loading with kale mainly and also some cabbage. Here is a photo.


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