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Here's a new one for you lot! a new recent locale that has just recently come on market,i have a pair that came from europe and they we not cheap £1000 UKP for a pair,these are very simalar to nosy mitsio/Mafana panthers with splashes of red.Should be very Nice animals

That is a link to a breeder in europe with them and also some other new locales you may have not heard of such as Jeoffreville ect

I'll see if i have some space left to put some images of my male up


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Thanks for sharing your new edition Treelion.... you've got another sharp looking guy there! How old is he? Im sure his bars and background will flare really nicely sooner or later! Please update with more pics in the near future. Enjoy :)

Well i would put up more pics but i think i have used all my space,not sure what to do now any ideas??:eek:

You could use a free site called photobucket. They will allow you to post as many pics as you want to the site, and then you can use the html format to put into the post and show us, or you can just put in the link they give you for us to click and see the pic(I don't know if the forum will show html format?!)

Hope everyone is well!!!:)
I also have a question here. I have recently been looking into all the different locales for the panther morphs. I have a list going and it seems to be slightly contraversial, and differs from site to site. I am very excited about the new morph that was on previous post that screameleons is "exclusively" :D breeding.

Who has the authority to dub a new morph? Is it people in the hobby, or do actual scientist make the claim to a new morph. I have been trying to wait on the species list that is going to be posted on the forum, but it has gotten the best of me. Here are all the ones I so far have written down, now including ankarena!

Ambilobe- blue/red barred
Nosy Be
Nosy Mitsio
Oorana Mena
Diego Suarez
Nosy Komba
Nosy Boraha (st Marie)
JB, potentially anyone has the opportunity to "create" a new locale out of thin air, just by showing photos of chameleons with slightly different colours or patterns than the norm- not that it happens with any frequency. They just have to have the presence on the internet to get it to catch on. And there in lies the problem. No proof has to be shown. No collected data, no photos from the wild habitat, nothing. In fact, almost every time a new locale is released to some select market, the location is hidden and not disclosed, and the name is called a designer name because it is made A) to be catchy and sell well, (COUGH Cough Vincent...) and B) to hide the geographical source of the new panthers.

Also, you list is missing a few, and technically all the islands would be called a locale since they have the greatest geographical division from other locales, even though the panthers on these islands may not be much different at all from those on neighboring islands. (Fenerive, Ille Reunion, Nosy Mangabe, Ankify, Nosy Faly (?~Oorana Mena), Olafs' Turquoise Blue Panther.

Unfortunately, the last attempt to study and document this with any clarity, was done (by Gary Ferguson, James B. Murphy, Jean Baptiste Ramanamanjato, Achille P. Raselimanana) [/I]in the book "The Panther Chameleon: Color Variation, Natural History, Conservation, and Captive Management". And unfortunately this book only focuses on a couple locales from the east and a couple locales from the west, with minor documentation of a few others with incomplete data. Fantastic book, but disappointing if you want answers for the grand scheme of things.

Here is some light reading for you as well on the subject of how locales are defined from each- or to be honest- how there isn't a way to sometimes. The Ambilobe Debate By: Ronnie Buck

Last bit of ramble, just recently, maybe not for the first time, but you can see a new *speacial* line of one locale, because someone with the power I mentioned before, tries to pull a blanket over your eyes and offer one locale as a stunning and rare specimen from another locale.

Anyways, there's 2 cents, on a subject thats worth a hundred bucks.
Ok, with that being said what do the people with experience in the field recognize as the different locales that are actually a morph, and not just a scheme to sale more chams?

Obviously this is going to be opinion because there is no hard data on it. Also just curiosly what is you guys opinion on the new morph that is being advertised on the scremeleon site? I have not seen another like it, unlike the ankarena:p looks like that is just a ploy, but you never know. I believe they named theirs oorana mena.

Yet it is not new because we have members that have them!!! lol, I would lvoe to hear from everyone on the subject
Morph vs Locale

JB-Most panther names refer to a locale, the town closest to where it was collected. Some breeders take the liberty of naming a new morph on thier own instead of just using the locale. I personally think this just leads to confusion. An example is the picasso you mentioned. This is nothing more than an ambilobe with a fancy name. The Oorana mena you mentioned in your list is another example of a breeder making up thier own name instead of using the locale. Will believes oorana mena is a Nosy faly and I tend to agree based on the photos I've seen on other threads.
This is a fun subject i belive very interesting,lots of new panther morphs/ locales are popping up everywhere,the guys in germany and holland seem to get there paws on them first and the reason for this that the guys gave me are that WC's are now being collected from more remote and smaller villages/locales and also more inland areas such as nosy faly and are named after there towns of can see the difference between ankarena and nosy mitsio...but True who is to say that some one has not bred a bit of red into the animals but use of a different female?? Its a bit of a lottery as to what you belive/trust
Another heads up for you guys a few that i am not keen on
A new stylee of Pinks are starting to be offered called Nosy Ramada,simalar to your normal ankaramy but with red spots all over the body,
Another is Ampiskiana I really think these are sambava but lots of people disagree and i am assured they are not?? Nosy komba are also on offer but i think these a very well known and not one to be worried about.
But as said by will, another problem we have are designer names such as Picasso,Mafana,Oorana mena(nosy faly)Red rain LOL!! they all sound Good tho dont they and would have you all parting with your cash!!
But expect more over time and watch out already over here prices are dropping for what i think is one of the most stunning locales out there the Nosy be almost on the sub £100 mark it should not be about the money tho but sadly this is fact,I belive that the ankarena are "pukka" and trusted who i got them from they were F1 from WC Lets see what they turn out like!!!:D


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