Ankaramy Eggs From Morpheus

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Morpheus and Roux became proud parents today of 19 beautiful white eggs :) . It's getting closer Noah! I know you are hot after his babes! :D
You know it!! And I'm not giving up first on the waiting list for nothing!!! Well....I guess that is unless you give up my spot for me. lol. CONGRATS!!!
Thanks all! Yes, Morpheus is the Ankaramy panther chameleon on my avatar. He really does have a beautiful color. You can see more photos of him at . Plus, I have so many more photos unpublished! I kinda go photo crazy with my chameleons and it is so hard to choose which to put on the site.

Her eggs were small, as was Leza's and Aristoquis, another set of my Ankaramy breeder's eggs that were laid last Valentine's Day (February 14th, second clutch she laid on March 10, 27 more eggs). I have observed a difference between the eggs from my Ankaramy panthers than my other locales (Ambilobe/Picasso, Ambanja, Deigo Suarez, & C.T. weidersheimi perreti even had larger eggs!) that I currently have right now. My Ambilobe/Picasso, Ambanja, and Deigo Suarez were huge eggs (as far as huge can be concerned for chameleon eggs lol) compared to both my Ankaramy eggs that were laid. Oh! I have some Nosy Be eggs from my females, Sapphire and Hali due to be laid at any time, Lancelot eggs from Guenevere soon, and Calypso and Giselle will also lay eggs in a week or so. So I can also compare the size of their eggs too with the Ankaramy and see if there is still a difference.

I have read that breeders have difficulty breeding Ankaramy (which is one reason they are rare to find), but although I have not hatched any myself, I have taken care of Ankaramy babies that were 1 month old. So I have had experience in raising them. The Ankaramy babies I had/have (which are the same that I have for sale too) grew at slower rates, were much smaller than the other small babies I have owned, and it was VERY, VERY hard to sex them. They are all pink! So color isn't a great indication of sex, plus since they are so much smaller and grow at a slower rate, it is more difficult to find the bulge of the hemipenis because it really doesn't show for quite some time (took way over 3 to 4 months to identify the males). The last clutch of Ankaramy I had for sale only had 2 females in the entire clutch! And some of the males I had, I possibly thought were females, and I'm glad I waited to sell them because they turned out male instead lol. I didn't start advertising those for sale until I could positively identify one as a male, and held back all the rest until I was absolutely sure of any females (which turned out to be only 1! I have a female already from that clutch, Perry).

It will be very interesting for me to see what happens with the eggs from Aristoquis and Morpheus. How they turn out, how small they are compared to other locales, and if I have as hard a time sexing them as I did the Crown Prince clutch. I will also be able to tell if they really are that much more difficult to raise and breed as said in the reading I've done on this. I know one thing for sure, they sure aren't difficult to mate! :D . And the females had no difficulty whatsoever laying their eggs. They did it fast and very efficiently without problems. Very healthy and strong females, despite the fact that all my Ankaramy females are smaller than any of my other locales (another difference).

And no worries Noah! I ALWAYS keep to the waiting list lol. If you were first to ask, then you get the first pick! I had to disappoint many on the list for a female on the Crown Prince clutch I have, since there was only 1 female :(. I hated calling the 2nd, 3rd, etc., to let them know there was only 1 female that was in the clutch I had for sale. Such a disappointment for them. But what can you do? Nothing... that was in control of nature.

Anyway... thanks for the congrats!
That last post was very informative Jenna! I love reading about how different Ankaramy panthers are to other locales.
Congratulations on the Ankaramy eggs, being laid at Easter is special:)
I would advise anyone considering buying an Ankaramy to buy a captive bred one, the worm problem I had with my wild caught one was quite horrendous.
Wow Lisa... It didn't even occur to me that Roux laid Morpheus's eggs on Easter! And Aristoquis's eggs were laid on Valentine's Day (Pink/Red:D Day). That's kinda cool.... lol Easter eggs! :D
How is it that you get so lucky with your chams laying their eggs on every major holiday!?!!? Man I wish I was as lucky. Its a marketing dream come true!! lol. Regardless of your luckyness.....I still think you deserve some Congrats. Their aren't enough Anks in this world and its always a good thing to see more on the horizon.
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