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i finally got my little guy today as an early christmas present. picked him of from the LLL in menifee. great people and a great price. anyway, heres the goods. there will definitely be more to come after hes settled in a little more.

set up looks good what size is the enclosure?? also, better make sure he is eating lots and drinking if you just got him; he is looking skinny.
the enclosure is 24x24x12. he drank almost instantly after putting him in his cage. i offered him some crickets too, but he wasnt interested. that was also at about 7 last night, so i assumed he might have already ate. i put ten dusted crickets in a feeder cup this morning, so i will check every now and then and see if any are missing.
congrats, but dont feed em so late. They need heat to digest their food properly and by 7 it should be time for lights out. Good luck with the little one.
Congratulations on the new purchase. He is a little cutie! Good luck with him and if you have any questions feel free to ask away we have many knowledgeable people on the boards to help!
i took him outside today for the first time. he was loving it, swaying on his tree to try and blend in lol. heres a few pics i took



Sweet little lizard mate, congrats! :)

p.s. Rich, babies generally do look skinny mate, its a normal feature of laterally compressed lizards, especially chams, not to worry. :)

Heres some pics of him showing off his colors outside. hes on a ficus im trying to save that was outside all winter.




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