Am I overfeeding my Jackson's?


Ok so I've had my 11 month old Xanth for 5 days now and he's been eating more every day. The 1st day he ate three 1 inch silkworms, then on the 2nd day he ate 4, then 5, then 6, and today he ate 8! I read that I should feed him as much as he will eat but how much is too much?
1 inch silkworms are pretty small. My Jax is the same age as yours - about a year old, 40 grams, not sure of length - and he can easily eat 1-1/2 inch worms which are also much beefier in girth than the smaller ones. I also give him full sized crickets, which he handles just fine. You can probably increase the size of what he eats unless he's very small for his age. You'll probably notice that he will drop down to two or three feeders a day.

Also, my Jax is a ridiculously picky eater. I would recommend alternating what you offer every few days so that he doesn't get bored and stop eating.

Congratulations! Jackson's are just the best!
I concur Jacksons ARE the best. Mine is about a year.

That being said, i've hardly read anything about over weight Chams. It's been my experience that with both Veileds i've owned and Jacksons, that they eat as much as they need, then stop eating until they are hungry again, unlike Turtles who eat, eat and eat......
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