Always shedding


My veiled turned 1 in February. It seems he is shedding all the time. He just got over a shed about two weeks ago and is now shedding again. What would make him shed so often or is this much shedding normal?
He's either growing, or most likely, since hes an adult, hes just shedding.

adults shed one body part at a time. so it can seem like they are always in a state of shedding.
Well, he seems to have more body parts then the normal cham:D I hope he isn't growing, he's a BIG GUY already:) Thanks, I will stop worrying.
They can keep growing for up to two years old.

My male gained another inch in length and jut got bigger everywhere between his 1st and 2nd birthday.
Holy cow. I thought after a year they slowed down. Oops, I'm gonna have a monster. I will try to post a new pic of him. Maye he's normal size. Here's a couple pics. The first pic is closer to when I got him and the second is approx. a month ago.
In person he looks bigger then in the pics. So, opinions please. Is he big or is his size average?


He does look like a big fellow!! How long is he and how much does he weigh? That is the way to really tell. Pics can be deceiving
He is between 17 & 19 inches, tip of nose to tip of tail. He doesn't cooperate well. The weight, I have no idea. Always feels solid though.
Hes pretty normal for an adult. He may have been older when you received him as well.

But youll find when you compare pics to him as a 1 year old to him as a two year old.. that they changed dramatically.

heres my male at 2.5 years old.

When he was younger, he didn't have such a thick tail, or thick arms, and he wasn't as filled out up towards his spine.


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