Altogether now...awwww


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picture removed for the safety of other chams ;)

i realise it wasnt the best thing to do now and may give others and new people the wrong impression about handling.
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She is in good health and caught me by suprise as i was falling alseep as well!

she must have been really comfortable as its always said that handling them stresses them out. she was a really nice green too but it may have been a one off, glad i had my phone next to me.

Hi Mike...

I hate to burst your happy bubble.. but if that was my animal, I wouldn't think that was cute. I would be frightened and very, very concerned. She does look nice and healthy, but healthy veiled chameleons don't sleep during the day, and REALLY don't sleep when they are outside of their comfortable and familiar surroundings. She should NOT be comfortable, and she should not be closing her eyes like that.

Just for reference.. because handling will make her ill if it hasn't already.. take a look at Roo's post from earlier today.

I would really, really watch her closely for signs of illness and stress.

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It is a very beautiful cute photo BUT I have to agree with Heika, a chameleon that closes its eyes when on your hand is usually displaying a stress response. Again I agree with Heika that a healthy chameleon will not sleep during the day...
I agree with Heika and chamgirl. The behavior you describe, falling asleep on your hand, is not a good sign. You may want to review your husbandry methods and the general health of your chameleon. I recommend creating a thread in the health forum with some details of your cham and enclosure; the following link offers some advice on what to include.
Taken your comments on board.
it is getting close to when she normally goes sleep, might be why?

she is nearly 3 months old now. eating 10-15 crix a day, i dust every meal with cal and 2 a week i dust cal and vits. the vits i will be reducing when 4mths+ to once a week, when fully matured adult every 2 weeks then once a month.

poo looks good, size and colour with a tiny bit of yellow but the rest of the urate? is very white!

misting 2x a day, first at 7am when im getting ready for work and at 5.30pm when i get home. oh and a hand made dripper cup for good measure.

she appears to be very comfortable with me and i know they arent from prev posts but really...from what ive seen and read it can be drastically different from my cham.

from what ive read here its well within the veiled guidelines husbandry, but please advise if there is anything more that i could/should be doing.

new cage project coming up soon when shes 4-5 months

wow, didnt expect that many responses while i was typing!

she always trys to run away, but thats when the tv is on, other people in the room and moving.
i was laying on the sofa motionless so it was a very comfortable environment, not disagreeing with anyone here with the response.
i will be keeping an even closer eye on her to be safe.

thanks to all for your comments and advice :D
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i have to say that i do not agree with the fact that everyone is saying that she should be trying to get away because i have a very health chameleon and when i take him out of the cage about once a week or twice to clean the leaves and pick up droppings he will try and climb up my arm up onto my head and sit there and wait till im done. when i start to put him inside of his cage then he reaches out and climbs back in. He never trys to run away he seems to try and get to the highest point of me.
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