Almost nonexistant rare B . pumilium

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Selling a single male B. pumilium male Cape Dwarf chameleon. These guys are truly awesome! They are 2-3" in size, easy to keep in a small enclosure and display amazing pink, green, and blue coloration.

B. pumilium male.jpg

Also selling a beautiful 1.1 B transvaalense pair. They are slightly larger than pumilium at 4-6" as adults. They may be kept together and have for the past 6 months doing well with each other.

B. Transvaalense female.jpg B. Transvaalense male.jpg

There are likely less than 10 of either species in the entire US!
Live bearing, no egg raising!
Feed on hydei flies and/or 1/8" crickets. Selling as I am keeping 6 species now and have increasing job requirements that will be limiting my future time. Will ship, but any FL keepers that can pick up locally will be given preference.

Asking $300 pumilium, well below his original cost.

B. Transvaalense $700 for pair, will not sell as individuals

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