Age of veiled?


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Hey all, I have had my veiled now for about two and a half months and am still not sure what his age is! If you all could give me your opinions I would appreciate it! He was very small when I got him...probably very young too.


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The casque is pretty small. Are you sure it's a male? Does he have little bumps (spurs) on the heels of his two back feet? If you've had him 2 1/2 months then he has to be 3 months or so.
Yes, he is most certainly a male, as his spurs are clearly visible now. In the past few weeks I have noticed some features that can clearly be seen his fingers...for some reason i thought this was funny. His legs have become much more solid looking and not so skinny now, his spikes have become much larger as well. Overall he is much more beefy than he was when I first brought him home. Im quite positive he was very young, as he looked more like a lizard than a cham for the first couple weeks!
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