Absolutely love expos!!!


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I broke a promise and brought another animal home not a chameleon but a mourning gecko baby but I’d like to believe I contained myself since I also didn’t come home with a dart frog colony but I was able to fine some AMAZING things for cheap there like some bendable vines by flukers for my trioceros hoehnelii a feeder run cup for an incredibly cheap price at $10 instead of the usual $25 plus shipping for my jacksonii and a colony of orange head roaches which I’m very excited for them to start breeding and more springtails and isopods for my various bioactive environments and a pvc enclosure for when some baby geckos grow up very exciting


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Yea I just went to the show today, and this happened. B98B582A-AA99-4C3F-B557-3013D9D3DD12.jpeg

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At first I wasn't sure if we were supposed to be looking at the thing with the tail or the little green things (some colony of new kind of feeder I hadn't heard of? 🤷‍♂️ )

Any chance of a pic with the lid open? 😁
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Is that a baby Alligator Snapper? or common--- Sometimes babies can be similar.. Nice!
Little alligator snapper. I had one years ago. I don’t know how he was selling them. I had looked before and they don’t ship to Oregon, they are considered invasive species here. Plus he is under 4 inches
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