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I wanna to order 1000 pair audlt dubia , but can i put them into a 50CM X 40 CM X 30 CM plastic Tank (with around 8 piece of Egg Crate) ?

Currently i have around 3000 dubia (different size )inside the old tank,
so Do i need to buy another tank for these pair?

I have around 20 Bearded Dragon atm, how many dubia (for breeding) should i buy to maintain a rotation to feed them without order feeder again?

Thanks you! and sorry , i know this forum is for chameleon , not Bd dragon lol
i think 1000 adult dubias wont fit in the tank you described. I would just go to walmart or soemthing and pick up a big tote bin with a lid and put some egg crates in it and you are golden :)
For my dubias I have a "Breeder" tank and a "Feeder" tank. It helps when looking for the right size. And so that you dont feed off all your breeders by accident.

Clean the tanks when they stink. Which doesnt happen very offten.
I clean mine once or twice a year. If you need a large amount of feeders, what you want to do is get several tubs and use them for rotating. Keep adults in one, let them have a couple thousand babies, then move them to another tub and let them have babies again. Be sure to mark the dates on the tub so you know when they were 'made.' after a few months the tubs will generally have certain sized dubia in them (the first tubs having the largest.) be sure to let some of the nymphs from every other tub turn into adults, and keep those adult groups separate, use the other nymphs for food. Mark their tubs so you know when they are getting 'old.' Eventually you want enough adult colonies to produce the number of nymphs you feed off each week, each week.

By keeping the nymphs in separate tubs by birth date, you keep feeder sizes separate so you don't have to pick out the right size, and you know when to scrap old adults and make a new adult colony. That's probably only if you need A LOT of roaches each week though...

If you don't need that many, just keep three or four colonies. Keep the date of adults and make sure to pull out some large nymphs every now and then to allow them to become adults for new breeding stock. It's easiest if you do not mix young and old adults together.
over-crowading will made dubia die quickly?
My home is very small, i am guessing can i put all dubia to only 1 tank?
Thanks you all!
It would need to be rather large. Overcrowding and food competition leads to cannibalism. When mine go cannibalistic, they seem to go for my adult females! :mad:
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