..a sunny afternoon in march (pics)

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My seven month old Ambilobe red bar panther 'K'


My 9 month old veiled Pete...
Ahhhhhh, gotta love some warm weather finally! I had my troop out for the last few days. Tomorrow is the last one for a while though:( Tonight is 50 degrees with thunderstorms and tomorrow is 70 with rain. At least they will be well hydrated when they come back in;)

Nice looking animals!

Edit: My animals are montane species not lowland. Just dont want anyone to read my statement and get the wrong idea ;)
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Thank you all for your nice comments! My animals are glad too ;-). All their super colors are coming back!

Yep, my Pete has a huge casque. I'm very proud of it (he is too i think). I believe it's a sign of good health. You should see his muscled arms and legs haha, he looks like Popeye. He has such a firm grip. I will post some more pics. Also of my third love..Fred, the verrucosus.
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