A good breeder to purchase from?


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I have my new baby veileds, but as it turns out it is not a male and a female, but actually 2 females. I am probably going to end up returning one for a refund rather than exchanging for a male. They do not have any males available now although they said they did when I placed my order. Arrgghhhhh!! So far I am not having a good experience in purchasing chams.
I would like to purchase 1 male cham ( possibly a female as well -depending on how everything plays out) My funds have been almost drained as the first attempt I made at a purchase caused me to have almost half of what I paid stolen.
I hope I am allowed to ask this in the forum...but does anyone have any recommendations on where I can purchase these veilds..and count on getting healthy chams of the right sex this time at a reasonable price? Thanks! Tara
Not to question your knowledge, but you are absolutely certain you have 2 females? You see no sign of even the smallest bumps on one that could be tarsal spurs?
The fact that this tiny little cham has already been shipped once, but now has to be shipped back stresses ME out! LOL
However Reptile City is totally responsible for the error and should most definitely refund your money.
I mean absolutley no offense and I feel bad in suggesting it, but at this point Tara, with 2 bad experiences, your funds nearly drained and having to ship your tiny girl back..perhaps you should wait a little while before purchasing a male. Concentrate on your cham so that she'll be big and healthy when the time comes to find her a boyfriend :)
It's not advisable to breed before a year anyway, so you have lots of time to get her off to a good start, arm yourself with info, info and more info, prepare the perfect separate enclosures for 2 chams and then go find a studly guy for her!
There are perfectly wonderful, reputable breeders out there, breeders I wouldn't hesitate to buy from (and would ONLY buy from!). However, as in everything else you get what you pay for. Chameleon bargain-hunting often ends badly, as you have unfortunately discovered. I'm really sorry your experiences have been so costly and frustrating.
Hi Tara,

I returned your email and I know you will be taken care of. Sorry I didn't respond! I was gone most of the day yesteday. And I am very sorry to hear about your story :( .

You will get a nice beautiful and healthy veiled.

Good luck! :)
photo of spur...

here is a pic of spur on male veiled. From what I understand this can be seen on a male hatchling or soon after.

Tara, sound like Jenna has you covered ;)
oops, forgot the pic!

here is the photo TARSAL1.JPG
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