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I've had my panther chameleon for about 4 days now. Its body it about 5inched long and im not too sure on the age, Any rough guesses?? I was just wondering what kind of things a happy chameleon does during a normal day, I have a powersun bulb that is on for 12 hours a day, from 11:30am to 11:30pm , pretty much as soon as the light comes on the chameleon tends to wake up from near the bottom of the cage where he sleeps. and slowly climbs up the the top where he normally goes quite alot darker green from his light green colour when sleepin. When i spray the cage a couple of times a day he tends to drink water off the leaves and will eat about 5 -6 medium size locust a day. He some times goes very dark, light dark green/brown, is this a sign of him being unhappy or is he simply going darker to soak up some rays from the bulb??? When every i fiddle with the cage to spray or change a plant or stick he tends to go a light green/blue, is this because hes stressed?

any info on what a chameleon tends to do through out a day would be useful. As ther is loads of info on the enviroment a chameleon needs to be in but i find it hard to find info on what a happy chameleon does during a normal day., how long he should sleeps how much a 5 - 6 inch bodies chameleon should eat per week.?

any info would be greatly appriciated

eat, s**t and sleep lol and they have a wander round the enclosure.

read up on general keeping info, keep above head height, high traffic areas aren't so good etc, its all here to find

like ourselves, each cham is slightly different, its just a case of getting to know your cham
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