A few quick pics


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Up first is Bamm Bamm the Sire of the baby below

Next is Shaggy, he will hiss at me while at the same time reaching out to hitch a ride while his cage is open :D He is from drcrossfire.

And last...... One of Bamm Bamm's babies about 5 weeks old. I just pulled 20 from his last clutch out of the incubator today :eek:

I love the under part of Bamm Bamm's chin and the baby is just adorable.

Thanks Laurie! Bamm Bamm usually has a light green/yellow body but has been getting more red over the last month. I really love to see how they change colors over time. He has never really fire up before and this was as close as it gets:) He is a cool orange/black/red when he sees the ladies but he's going to have to wait another few months for his new girlfriends to mature :)
Bamm bamm is awesome looking. Love that green/blue contrast:D

Thanks! Ive had him outside the past few weeks when the weather has not been too hot and he has been showing a lot of red. You never can tell where they will wind up. He is a CH from a wild caught mother.
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