A few Questions?? Misting and Food


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I was just wondering when misting my cage do i spray my cham directly or is that bad? or what is the best way to mist the cage?

Then the second questions is has anyone herd or have tried reptiworms before and are they safe?

If your cham stresses out from being misted, don't do it. Just mist the plants and use hot water so it is lukewarm out of the sprayer. You wouldn't want to be sprayed with cold water would you? :D

Never heard of them or tried em. Where do you get them
Okay i just wondering when i mist re runs to a corner then he seems like he dosnt really mind it, and yes its always nice warm water! As for the reptiworms i was looking at them on mulberryfarms.com and wasnt really sure because i havnt herd of them or anyone talking about them so i thought i would ask! :)
It doesn't hurt to mist them directly if it doesn't stress them out and even helps them with hydration and aiding them in cleaning their eyes. You might see them shut their eye and suck it in and roll it around and pop it back out, it's pretty cool! :D
I try not to mist my chameleon directly but sometimes you just can't help it. I open the door and as soon as he sees the door he makes a beeline to get out so I have to crack the door and stick the sprayer nozzle in the crack and spray so he doesn't escape! lol! Are you using warm water?. If you put hot water in the sprayer you will notice it does not come out hot, but warm. Sometimes my cham will enjoy getting sprayed but only with warm water. As far as the reptiworms I saw them on Mulberry too. You can always ask Mulberry Farms for the nutrtional info(if it is not listed on the website, I did not check) and compare that with the nutritional value of other feeders. I am sure they are "safe" if they are selling them, but how good of a feeder remains to be seen. oops! didn't see that you are using warm water. Sorry!
I have been using Reptiworms for the past week and Hugh LOVES them. :D They are pretty much in the same family as Phoenix worms and the beauty of them is that they don't need to be dusted because of their high calcium content. I only dust his Butters and leave the Reptiworms alone... They don't need to be refrigerated and stay small. Another thing I love about them is that you don't need to gutload them either, well you pretty much can't. Oh and they wiggle like crazy so they will definately catch your Cham's eye. :) Also, you just keep them in their little cups and they are good in room temps.

Edit: Oh and the misting thing... My Cham HATED it at first but slowly started coming around to it and has even had a few licks while i'm misting. What I do is fill the bottle with hot water and set it so that it doesn't exatly "mist" but instead have larger drops coming out. I aim up and just let the drops fall on him as if it were raining... He'll just sit there and close his eyes and have a lick or 2. Try it, if he doesn't like it then avoid spraying him directly. In about 2 weeks or so, try it again and he might like it.
Yes ive seen him do that with his eyes before i didnt know what he was doing! i assume that was it!

Haha and carol i really dont have to much of a problem of him trying to get out when i get the door open hes usually trying to get away from me! I am putting hot water in the spryer because like you said its dosnt spray out hot so i thought that would feel way fetter than warm water that would feel cold. And i might try out the reptiworms just to see if he like they or they are any good!
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