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Hi there!

I was searching online for bamboo branches, and I came accross these "Jute Sticks". Does anyone know if Jute plant is safe for chameleons? The sticks are also colored. Would I need to do something to make the color safe for the chameleon? I think this is such a good find and I'll link it also.
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They look pretty smooth, that's the same problem with bamboo. Unless it is small enough in diameter, they can't get a good grip on it. The fake looking color also is a drawback IMO.

I found the best branches for my chameleons recently and you probably have a bunch of it in your neck of the woods. It is english ivy stripped of all of the foliage. If you can find some old growth, it gets pretty big and gnarly with interesting twists and turns. Before anybody comments, yes english ivy is poisonous. I haven't had a problem with the branches, just make sure the leaves are removed.

I also have live bamboo planted inside some of my cages but you have to keep it trimmed or it grows through the screen.
Okay thank you! I see a lot of people using bamboo on here, do you think using sand paper to give it a texture would help give them grip at all? If not that's fine. I do recommend looking around on this website though. It has a bunch of natural branches, and artificial vines, for really cheap! :D
I use branches cut from the nearest tree, too. The ultimate cheap find! :) And besides a little washing or baking, you don't need to do anything else to them before they can go in your cages.

Just avoid wood from the pine family, the sap and oils irritate chameleons. But I have branches in all of my enclosures (you can look here and see photos of my cages with the natural branches)
Thank you! I'm looking for things so I can build a free range. I'll probably take your guy's advice and just take some branches from my backyard. :)
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