1. Dbash44

    Cheap Outdoor Enclosure Success and Directions!

    Through different research and through topics found on chameleon forums, I was able to put together my own rendition of an outdoor cham enclosure. In no way am I claiming rights to this, I just want to give back to that which has given me so much knowledge. I am not responsible for any injuries...
  2. ChamyLove

    A Cheap Find

    Hi there! I was searching online for bamboo branches, and I came accross these "Jute Sticks". Does anyone know if Jute plant is safe for chameleons? The sticks are also colored. Would I need to do something to make the color safe for the chameleon? I think this is such a good find and I'll...

    DIYCAGES... Pretty Cool... Pretty Fast

    I just got my chameleon Cayman's new cage today from Amazingly fast! I ordered it around 3 days ago and it's already here and the FedEx shipping was free. I got the 24"x24"x48" cage and it seems pretty legit. I'll be putting it together tonight or tomorrow morning and I'll be...
  4. SoCaliSon

    What is with the GE Flourecent Daylight Tubes?

    I was at Lowes today and noticed with their Flourecent Bulbs they had some that said "Full Spectrum Light, Ideal for Aquariums and Plant Growth." By General Electric... For like $7 at all sizes. I didn't buy any because I could find anywhere that specifically said "UV". For these to be a UV...
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