1. johncjb

    Tree Branches Safe For Chameleons?

    So I want to put some tree branches in my chameleon cage. Currently I have a plum tree, apricot tree, cherry tree, and a nectarine tree. Are any of these trees' branches safe for chams? From my research, I have found that plum leaves are toxic, but cherry and apricot trees are safe...
  2. Kittiekins

    New plants? LIVE PLANTS!

    So I find it's time for me to go for some new plants, live ones that is. I got a new cage, some new vines and need a small new plant to live it up a bit. so since its a smaller 15x15x30 screen cage I need something small enough to fit properly. Any ideas on what is a small plant I use? Something...
  3. ChamyLove

    A Cheap Find

    Hi there! I was searching online for bamboo branches, and I came accross these "Jute Sticks". Does anyone know if Jute plant is safe for chameleons? The sticks are also colored. Would I need to do something to make the color safe for the chameleon? I think this is such a good find and I'll...
  4. cswan19

    Astro turf as substrate?

    Could I use Astro turf as a substrate, I've been using paper towels but I would like to use something that is green and would blend in and give my enclosure the right look. My concern is, is it safe for my baby veiled?
  5. ReptiGeek

    Is this branch safe?

    Okay so I took this branch off of my tree outside. I'm not sure what kind of tree it is to be entirely honest but it grows red maple-leaf-like leaves during bloom. It's small and has remained small for years! I'd say no taller then 9 ft. We've had some hectic wind and this branch was one of the...
  6. B

    Commonly found plants.

    Hello does anyone know of some commonly found plants I could put in a veileds enclosure? Thanks
  7. Leonardo

    Star "Confederate" Jasmine confused...

    Star "Confederate" Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) I found this on a safe plants list, but when I did some more research I read it is poisonous if ingested, I was unable to find it on the forums. Can anybody tell me if I should not be using this? Here is a picture of what I have...
  8. addicted

    Moving with Cham

    Hi Guys, I'm going to be moving within the city at the end of this month and I'm wondering what would be the best (stress free) way to transport my cham. I live in SW Ontario (Canada) so weather may be an issue. What type of container would be the best, I have quite a few pets so I have...
  9. SoCaliSon

    Yellow Schefflera?

    Well with getting the new Herp Room all set up I got very little chance to get on the boards this weekend... But the room is looking nice, and the Chams are settling in nicely. This is a plant Question.. .and I am no Botanist...I was at Lowes Saturday picking up some more plants and I found...
  10. Watching daddy

    Watching daddy

    Mr. Lips is watching daddy reading the messages on the Chameleon Forum.
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