Yellow Schefflera?


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Well with getting the new Herp Room all set up I got very little chance to get on the boards this weekend... But the room is looking nice, and the Chams are settling in nicely.

This is a plant Question.. .and I am no Botanist...I was at Lowes Saturday picking up some more plants and I found a few Huge Scheffleras for a great price. Only thing is that 2 of them had mostly yellow leaves... and the Scientific name had "Verigated" added to the end.. .I think that was the word.:eek: What is the deal with these??? I didn't buy them and stuck with the normal kind, but Would those be okay for a Cham as well??



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What was the botanical ('scientific') name of the plant on the label?

As long as the one you got is Schefflera arboricola, it should be ok regardless of whether it is variegated or not.
(see here:

The one you want to stay away from is Schefflera actinophylla which is reported to be toxic to chams (see here:
Notice the difference in the leaves: the arboricola leaves are firm and sloping upwards, whereas the actinophylla leaves are more drooping and thinner.


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Okay well... According to my Google search... the word is "Variegated", and according to Wikipediea(which I have no faith in whatsoever since I read the Chameleon article that says "Chameleons don't have teeth") That it is when some plants lack the Chlorofil in some areas and it results in a lack of Green pigmentaion. Sounds about right... but thenagain I have no Idea...

Just saw Tygers response.. Thanks Man.... Yes they were all Shefflera Arboricola, just that two were Variegated... I stuck with the norm just in case... But Iam going back now.. THey have two more huge (proble 3.5 tall x 3 feet wide) of the Varigated ones.. which would look pretty nice to add a color aside from green in my enclosures... and they are only $11.99... That is cheaper than I pay for my 8" hanging pothos.


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That type of Umbrella plant, ie. the kind you'll find in Lowe's, is probably (99.9% certain) iron deficient, which is why it's turning yellow. You'll see that in a lot of plant such as Pothos too.


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I had to buy my mother a few umbrellas and they too were of the yellow variety. I thought it was because they were ill, but it turns out they were fine.Old yellers.


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you are talking about arbicola trinnette
Hmmm.. actually did a google for that and learned a little more...

Check out this site....

Looks like the one I was looking at was actually Schefflera Arbicola 'Gold Capella'. This is the one that has Variegated Gold and Yellow leaves... I am assuming since nobody has said that they will kill my Cham, that I am safe getting a couple of these?
One of my pothos is turning yellow... not the whole plant, just one branch of it. Its only a couple of leaves. And no... its not burning up under a light. The leafs feel normal...

Do ya think it has anything to do with the fact that one of the misting jets is right about the plant and washing out all of the nutrients?


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Joe, I saw several of those at Bachman's, right with the regular green ones...and the lady there told me they are the exact same plant, just different colored leaves. I want to see photos when you are through with your cham room!


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I hope they're safe! I got a new little girl today & as soon as I put her in her new home she started munching on the leaves! She acted like she was starving to death.


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Variegated is just a phenotype, just describes the yellow in the leaves. I have a couple and they're just fine. From Lowes as well as a matter of fact. You can have variegated and non variegated varieties of the same species.

Cheers, Matt
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