65K bulbs


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I was wondering if 2 65k tube bulbs would be strong enough to grow a hibiscus and an umbrella tree in a 24x24x48 size cage...

no amount of bulbs will keep those 2 plants alive for long. You need to rotate them with a set that gets full sun.
For the umbrella plant, yes. But the hibiscus needs a lot more light than that, they're really hard to keep inside. They do best in full sun all day, so that's difficult to emulate with bulbs. I've never had any success with hibiscus indoors, but my umbrella plants do great with 2 5000k lights, so 6500k lights would be even better.
any kind of 6500k light is good for plants?
i have a double fixture and im thinking of having my reptin sun 5.0 and a 6500k for plants? is that enough?
i only use umbrella trees and pothos in all my cages and i only have 1 6500k light and these plants do fine. in fact my plants are touching the ceiling of my 4ft tall cages.
I buy the linear fluorescent ones. Usually, if you go to a Home Depot or Lowe's they're located towards the "bright white" spectrum, over on one end of the light bulb section. They may be labelled as "daylight bulbs" or something similar, but you want the light temperature to read 6500K (kelvin). They tend to be either Phillips or GE brand.
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