6 months... Now what?


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Hey guys. My panther cham, Spectrum, is about 6 months now. At this point I am supposed to start feeding every other day right? He eats about 13 crick/meal worms a day right now. I'm worried about transitioning him properly. Should I feed him every other day or feed him 6 cricks/worms a day? Thanks for the input.


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I don't cut back on their food until they are a year old. That is just me. They certainly still are growing and developing at six months. I think that is too early. Jmo


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I would gradually start reducing the food you offer him so he is eating about 8 insects every other day by the time he is 1 year old. He is still growing, so it is not yet the time for a dramatic scaling back.

Edit: By the way, he is a handsome little fella. I like the blue along his dorsal crest :)


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I'd agree. Too soon to cut down the food. Its O.K. to skip a day here and there, but I wouldn't do it too often yet. About 9 or 10 months is when I would decide if the time is right. Depends on how the weight is and how big. :cool:


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When older they do not need to eat every day. The extra weight they would keep on would likely lead to health issues with the kidneys, etc.
good to know
I will start cutting back
altho he thinks I should feed him every other hour so george is going to have issues with this
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