You'll probably get more responses if you use a relevant subject line. Are you talking about linear or coil bulbs?
People use them both equally with sucess.I have read more research on the reptisuns. I do use the exo terra compacts in my compact hoods 2.0s and some 5.0s , and use Linear " tube"repti sun 5.0 for UVB. So I use both brands and both style of lighting conjoined for some time with no issues. The only reason I used the reptisun was it was a proven bulb and been recommended by many. All my stores carry exo terra though.
I don't have a UV meter but have read that the zoo med (repti sun) 5.0 is good for approz 9 months and that the exo terra (repti glo) is good for approx 6 months.
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