5 m.o. pardalis not eating lately


Hi guys 2weeks ago i bought my little male pardalis, he used to eat since the first day but not much (3-4 lateralis roaches). But its been two days since his first vet visit and hes not eating anything. I left 11 lateralis roaches in the cup yesterday and he didnt touch anything. On the other side, he poops every day and drinks a lot in the morning.

Basking spot temp: 28C/82.4F (42W satin bulb)
Cage temp:26C/78.8F
Suppl: calcium everyday and vitamins 2times a month.
UVB: arcadia T5 6% linear, almost dead (its been almost 1 year today) but right now a new one is being delivered to me today.

What could it be guys? Stress from the vet visit? Should I try changing food and buy some crickets? Im so worried...


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It's only been 2 days after a stressful event, and you just got him 2 weeks ago. That was a lot for a chameleon to go through in a short time window.

Give him time with no handling so he can settle in and do his own thing. Maybe throw some crickets in his cage and let him free range feed so he can eat when he wants without you disturbing him.
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