46 veiled eggs!


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So the time has come and I have 46 veiled eggs, I know the process of incubation but I just wondered if any of you more experienced breeders had any handy tips or methods?

Cheers guys.
Make sure you incubate them in the dark. Don't spray the eggs with water. If you need to add water, add it around the edges. Good luck!

Hats a lot of eggs. You might want to slow her reproduction down a bit.
We have a clutch of 64 almost at the 7 month mark. If in the incubator watch your temps. We have friends that cooked a clutch. We try to keep it between 72-79.

Personally I'm no expert but ours aren't in the 'dark'. Just the incubator sitting on the kitchen counter so I can keep an eye on them lol.

The main thing.... Patiences!
Yeah cheers guys, this is her first clutch, I am right in giving her water and calcium for frequently now to ease her off the laying process?
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