4"-6" baby veileds

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my baby veileds got very big.i have been selling the bigger ones.i did sell a few small ones ,one had really nice color and i gave her to the store owner since she was my first customer in the real world.

i am selling them for $35.00 each i will sell 3 for $99.00 but im only selling 3 at a time to people who know what they are doing and will most likely be capable of keeping them alive,meaning you have a cage setup already.

i can ship them anywhere in the usa for $22.00

i have already shipped some animals,and they did excellent.
the plastic containers i use are much better then what everyone else uses.

if you would like one message me. i can accept paypal or a money order.

if tragedy strikes the animal down en route i will replace no questions asked.
if your animal is dead on arrival i will be very dissapointed,but if you send me a picture within 5hrs.i will replace the animal no questions asked.


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i have already shipped some animals,and they did excellent.
the plastic containers i use are much better then what everyone else uses.

Bold statement, especially from someone who has shipped only a few reptiles. Mind providing some details in this matter?
It's not a diss, However, it IS a bold statement for something that may not be tried, tested and true to a reasonable extent. Plus, I'd like to know what these much better plastic containers that only he is using are.
my containers are similar to ziplock containers not deli cups.
i did not mean to sound bold i just thought i found something better then deli cups which from what i understand is what lots of people use.

i beleive they are better then deli cups.
they seem to be very crush resistant.
i will post a pic tomorow.

maybe someone will prove me wrong.

and i only sent 2 packages so far but they did ok.


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your add looks fine . don't now why people talk crap like that . I thought you where very clear . and those are cheap plastic containers every one easy use . if you step one ,they don't do well . and lites hope there's no chams in there .I know what you meant right away when you said stronger containers ,mike(flcham) sent me some stronger containers last time he ship to me and they made me feel better to see the extra taught . good luck jeremy Elder
new pics of one of the baby veileds,these pictures do not do these babies justice because they look much better then these pics.these pics are with a hp photosmart e317 ,it has no optical zoom.


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I am new to this "hobby" so this question might sound stupid:

Since the chams are so sensitive animals, how can it be shipped via mail and arrive alive?

Like I said, it might be a stupid question, I am not attacking anyone!!!

Thanks for the info!!

I'm blind here....


Do you think you can give us some idea as to the line
perhaps some images of the parents? grandparents?

and why so cheap?

Thanks :)
i will be selling some baby veileds soon,4 hatched so far and about 5-6 more will hatch this week. they incubated for 9+ months,they are eating good and were big when they hatched so the first one is almost 2 weeks old is kinda big.i wont be selling any for another 2 weeks .
m gonna sell these at 1 month but if someone wants to wait i will keep it for another couple weeks.maybe 6-7 weeks if its someone new to chams.
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