33 Rudis gone...

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I just went to stop by my rented space I use for breeding my Rudis Chameleons and found that the heater/furnis had stopped working at some point through out the day and the landlord had decided he would take it upon him self to let the repair men into my facility unsupervised and they left the door opened to my facility for the majority of the day, which inturn let all the freezing cold Minnesota air in and wiped out all my breeding stock, with the exception of one gravid female.

I had 4 captive bred born generations of rudis in there, I was at F4 and now it's for the most part gone. 7 years of work and research down the drain, and before I was even able to share it with anybody.

The female that has survived is carrying another generation of F4, she is however very week and having what seems to be a slight breathing issue.
I have no idea what to do at this point. Just seems like such a waste of time and effort. :(
Man thats a shame, so sorry to hear that. Stupid landlords. Just try to think on the bright side even tho there is not much of one. You still got a female and some babies on the way. You have a wealth of knowledge and good memories. A new direction to go in breeding. I know it doesnt really help but I try to think of anything positive out of the situation, learn and move on. Good luck dude
That really sucks!!! I don't know what to say...the only thing I could add is don't give up!!! I myself had lost all but a handfull of my future stock here during the fires in '07...had to basically start all over, but it all worked out in the end!!!
Wow...that is terrible! I would hold that landlord responsible for the value of those animals!! And definitely give him a sizable piece of my mind as well...
Cursing always makes me feel better...:) Seriously, I can imagine the feelings you have right now. Get your female healthy and give it a few days, maybe you will feel better and have a clear head.
That is absolutely AWFUL. There really isn't anything that could be said to make me feel any better had something this terrible happened to me. I really hate that for you.
I would be soooo mad! I would definitely hold the landlord responsible for their monetary value (not that that can be measured really.) I'm so sorry!

Can you sue or something?
That is so horrible. My condolences to you. Please don't give up, f4 is something few people have accomplished with a species like sternfeldi and I really do encourage you continue breeding.

I'm sorry :(
Wow - I am so sorry to hear that! What an accomplishment with that species! My sincere condolances on what has transpired. The stupidity of some people......:mad:
I sorry for your loss. I'm not sure, but there has too be some way to get compensated. Maybe even by renters insureance if you have any. But I'm sure it would never make things right. Don't landlords have to give you some kind of notice before entering?(Not sure)
Awe so Sorry to hear of that. A careless, stupid mistake no less makes it even more frustrating and sad for you I am sure. :(
OMG...that's all I can say and I am sure you were saying much worse!! I know it will be hard to move on, but all you can really do at the moment is to concentrate and put all your efforts into keeping your female alive. Even if she doesn't make it you obviously have the knowledge and skills, so just keep moving forward and continue doing what you've been doing.

Hope all goes well.
I truly feel for your loss. :( I would check into seeing if there are any possible routes you can take towards your landlord for his negligence or the negligence of the maintenance worker or company he works for. I don't deal with civil matters in my line of work, I have to note I am not a lawyer nor do I claim to be one and by no means am I giving you legal advice, but I personaly my self if in your shoes would check into it.
I wonder if renters insurance would cover something like that. It is super cheap to carry renters insurance. I think it was like 8 bucks a month or something on my apartment back in the day. What would the value of those guys lost be? It would be hard to prove that in court. I'd suggest small claims court if its under 2-3k. Im not sure the values of rudis or the success rate of a clutch of 33 eggs but that could add up to a ton of money. Again sorry about your loss.
Woah, didn't know you had that going on. Don't quit! Bounce back! Did you throw them out? Maybe they will revive!
Wow...that is terrible! I would hold that landlord responsible for the value of those animals!! And definitely give him a sizable piece of my mind as well...

before you do that you should check into the rental agreement for anything that states who or where liability lies when useing the storage space for housing any sort of live animal or pet. It could turn out that you are in violation and he could countersue you for breaking the rental agreement. Im no lawyer, just stating a thought. sorry for your loss but maybe next time you should post a sign outside of your unit to call you immediatly incase something like that were to happen again.
I'm sorry for your loses, and even though it's hard I encourage you to keep breeding. Don't lose hope.:)
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