3 chams with everything

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Brenda R

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I have 2 female veilds and a panther. They all come with a cage,domelight, and plant. All 3 are from Kammerflage Kreations. Here is a picture of each of them.

Veild 1 - Cage, Domelight, and a plant.

Asking $150.


Veild 2 - Cage- Domelight, and a plant

Asking $150.


Panther - Cage, domelight and a plant.

Asking $250.


Pickup only. I live about 20-25minutes south of cleveland, ohio.

If you have any questions or are interseted in them email me at [email protected]
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Hello I live in the cinci area where abouts are you located?What local is the panther and where did you get them from? Sorry about if I asked some ?'s You already answered in your post,Its FRi and it is getting late:eek:.look forward to rply.
Thanks :)

I'm really interested, but trying to figure out if I can do the 6 hour drive from Illinois...I'll e-mail you ASAP...Oh, are they still availiable?
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