3 Adult Jacksons chameleons for sale

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Hi. I have 3 adult jacksons chameleons forsale. 1 male and 2 females. I prefer a package deal sale of $200. I sometimes put them outside together in a 5ft high by 2ftx2ft screened enclosure so not sure if they have bred yet. Otherwise they are separate inside. Thanks. Craig.
Hey Julie. Well, I have alot of animals and thought i'd try to save on the cricket bill. lol. Deffinately going to keep my veileds because i bought them first. My veileds mated yesterday so looking forward for babies! :D The ages iam really not too sure on but they are adults. But iam holding off on selling one of my females because i notice it vomited today and don't want anyone to have problems with it so i wont sell it right now till i figure it out. Also, i will give a cage away with them but its the size of the cages that Mike has from FLchams at shows so probably wont want to keep them all togetehr in that. Thanks. Craig.
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I have 3 adult jackson chameleons and have one male and 2 females. One of the females has little nubs(whatever you want to call it:D ) where the horns are and the other doesn't but are they are the same size. Iam assuming one is older than the other. Here is the sale:
1 adult male jackson with 1 adult female jackson(with nubs) for $100
1 adult female for $40
These are my final offers on them. Have to many animals and looking to just keep my veileds. I will get photos of them later. Thanks. Craig.
That is such a good deal!!!
Craig, if I had the space right now......
but I don't so ....Grrrrr!
You won't have this trio for long providing they are healthy, my guess is
they'll be shipping out on Monday.

Hey everyone. Woops. The pair was $120, i miss typed:eek: The other adult female is $40 though. Well, if interested, please let me know. I have had these chams introduced so don't know if any are pregnant. I have never shipped chams but if anyone is interested then please let me know how do to it. Thank you. Craig.
Thank you Brad. I have alot of critter mouths to feed and Would like to try not to have to order 1000 crickets every 3 weeks:rolleyes: I also have a
Rainbow nigerian uromastyx: $35
3 Adult female emperor scorps $20 for all
I want to just have my veileds and my igguana. Thank you. Craig.
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