2010 Heart Award


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It's time to announce the recipient of our annual heart medal. Last year the 2009 award went to Sandrachameleon for her resourceful blogs. The 2010 medal is being given to Kinyonga. She has consistently taken time to help other members, and is known for sharing interesting articles and information that improve many discussions throughout the site. Most importantly, she has done this in a positive and friendly manor that makes the forums a better place. Thank you Kinyonga for your contributions to Chameleon Forums and the chameleon community in general.


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Couldn't have went to a more deserving member!!! Congratulations Lynda!!!! A big thanks from me from answering all my questions too!!!! You are the best! A walking Encyclopedia! lol!!


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Lynda this is so well deserved. You are the most helpful person on the forum, also one of the most knowledgeable. Congratulations:D:D:D


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Congratulations Kinyongia! You deserve it.

Thank you so much for the wealth of knowledge you share with all of us in your posts and links. I've learned so much from you in the last couple years!
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