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Hi guys! Hope you all enjoy the summer!

As I see it Sheldon looks abit small compared to other chameleons at his age(~14 months), or am I totally wrong?

Sheldon is mostly light green/pale blue but sometimes I see red small spots/stripes on his belly. I've seen his parents plenty of times and none of them are showing any signs of this. Is it possible for chameleons to "envolve" new colours who their parents dosent got? They maybe got it but i've never seen nor the owner. (red spots like in the pic)


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There can be traits controlled by recessive genes not shown in the parents that appear in the offspring. Just like two people with hair can have a kid that turns out to be bald or two little people can have a normal sized child. Same thing in any species.
looks fine to me. As for the color, they dont have to be the same colors as their parents it is just a good indicator of what colors they will most likely have :)
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