1st step ive take!!!

Nice!! What ever you go with (unless Jackson's) I'd recommend a male for your first one. Just because of egg binding and what not.
If you do it right at first you'll spend more up front but you'll save so much in the long run!
I highly recommend the mist king system.
As for lights if you skip buying at the pet store and go to the hardware store you can get one of the fixtures for cheap. Since you don't have you chameleon yet you can get different bulbs to try and make the temperature ideal.
I was unsuccessful at finding a less expensive fixture for a uvb linear bulb so that one I did get through lllreptiles.
Make sure you have all your feeder gutload and chameleon supplements worked out ahead of time.
Sorry for the ramble but have fun setting up your mini world!
I'm so excited for the setup and everything! I appreciate the feedback. Iam for sure going Male for my first. As for misting I've been comparing the mist king systems and also the climist system. Both are similarly priced and have great reviews! Lights mainly for the liner fixture I want to know how much of a difference the special reptile ones have over a standard ones with a heat sheild.


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Hello and dragon strand is a fantastic choice. One day I'm going to swap my cages out for those.

Misting and climist are similar and both amazing choices. Both will require a bucket for a water source and amazing systems. Mistking is probably the most common.

You can honestly got with a reptisun fixture that will come with a 5% bulb and then swap the bulb to Arcadia when it goes out. Basking you will just need a house bulb 65w.

If it's your first cham a male is the easiest choice. The main thing to start considering is drainage. No matter the species water is a must and plenty of it and I feel drainage is the most overlooked. Hell I did haha.

This is the best forum in the world for this and since you found dragon strands then you should listen to Bill Strands pod casts. They have great advice and answer questions you might not have thought to ask.


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you should also work on a water source and light source for your chameleon also flchams has an extensive cham safe plant list on their site, that will be great for you to start with.
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