1st day outdoors


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This is my blue bar ambilobe his first day outside of the year. I have never seen his colors like this, and they haven't come back like that since. Check out the WHITE bars, amazing what a little natural sunlight can do.


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Enjoying outside with a friend

Mr. Lizard Lips and I have spent all morning together outside, enjoying such a wonderful day. As I sit in the warm Sun reading a book, Mr Lips has been busy crawling all over me, in his search for flies.

Never allow anyone to tell you that a Chameleon does not have a personality. Every critter with more than two neurons to rub together, will be a unique individual.

Once your Chamealeon realizes that you are not trying to eat him, he can relax and do his lizard things.

Reading a book and watching Mr. Lips catching any flies that dare to land upon me, has made this one of the most enjoyable mornings that I have ever had.
Nice looking dude!


I forgot to ask: How old is your blue bar ambilobe? He is looking lovely and is displaying some wonderful colors. Who was he breeder, if I may ask?
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