10% Plants and Select Lighting at Josh's Frogs!


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10% off Live Terrarium Plants and Select Lighting at Josh's Frogs!
Plants are great for naturalistic vivaria. Not only do they add visual appeal, but help provide a healthy, stable environment for your pet. Also, save 10% on Pioneer T5 Fixtures and LED bulbs at Josh's Frogs!
Use coupon code PLANTSALE at checkout and save 10% on plants and select lighting solutions. Offer good through Friday, May 31st.


New at Josh's Frogs - Green Gro Vivarium LEDS!
Make your plants pop and your frogs glow with Green Gro LED bulbs from Josh's Frogs! With a lifespan of over 10 years and an electrical usage of just 13 watts, save money and the environment with this innovative vivarium lighting system!
Only $29.99 at Josh's Frogs!


Live Terrarium Plant Packages
Not sure what plants to get? Want a deal? Let us pick out your vivarium plants for you! We have foliage plants of many different types and descriptions that we have been selecting for terrarium use, most of which are not listed individually on the website. Never know what you'll get, but it is all cool.
Only $14.99 to $44.99 at Josh's Frogs!


Vivarium friendly Bromeliads
Best known for their ability to hold water (and thus function as rearing sites for poison dart frog tadpoles), most bromeliads are epiphytes, which means they naturally grow without soil. Bromeliads often grow on trees in the wild, and are best mounted on wood or the background in a naturalistic vivarium.
Only $3.99 and up at Josh's Frogs!


HUGE selection of Jewel Orchids
Jewel Orchids are known for having amazingly colored and patterned leaves, oftentimes with a metallic sheen. These characteristics really make them stand out in a naturalistic vivarium.

Only $14.99 at Josh's Frogs!
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