1 or 2 fixtures?

one uvb light fixture is good. and another light spot for heat, a regular hardware bulb is fine....you can put another regular hardware bulb on the opposite side from the heat one that is lower wattage if you want to have more visablility in the cage...


---------------24" inch uvb fixture all the way across top cage-----------

75 watt regular bulb-------------------------------40 watt regular bulb (right side for visability)
(leftside for heat)
Alright thanks, I have a 8.5" heat lamp coming in so ill pick up another when I get more money. I dont have my Chameleon yet, im just getting everything set up for him:D.
For lighting the tank in addition to a basking bulb and UVB producing fluorescent I'd use cool fluorescent bulbs, and ideally full spectrum fluorescents. Doing so will be especially helpful in keeping any live plants in the tank, well, alive ;-) Most chameleon enclosures are woefully underlit IME, especially when maintaining healthy, live plants is a goal.
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