1. jcarlsen

    Dusting Schedule, 4 month Panther

    Hey guys, so I've seen different opinions on dusting for panthers. The caresheet on this site makes sense, but does the amount of dusting change as the chameleon gets older? I've had my little guy for a week now, and so far I've been doing Calc+D3 every other feeding and Herptivite twice a...
  2. ChamyLove

    Socializing Chameleons for Handling

    I have a 6 1/2 month old panther, and he doesn't really like human company. He is getting better, but he still gets upset when i put my hand anywhere near him, even if it is just to clean up dead leaves and poop. How would you suggest i start socializing him? It will be necessary for me to...
  3. cswan19

    Haven't seen my boy shed...?

    I have my veiled Cham Malibu for almost two months, and I've never seen him shed. He is about 2-3 months old, do they not shed this young? Or could he be shedding and I'm just not seeing it? Should I be worried?
  4. ReptiGurl

    My First Chameleon, Razu!

    Hello everyone! I would like to introduce my approximately 3.5-4 month old Ambilobe Panther Chameleon who comes from a high red sire. His name is Razu, I brought him home yesterday. He was a surprise gift from my boyfriend, Travis (ReptiGeek) as a way of saying how proud he was of me for...
  5. ReptiGeek

    When to move into adult home

    Hello everyone! So my lil Gizmo (veiled chameleon) is around 3 and a half months old and in his 18x18x24 exo terra. His body is just shy of 4" long. Including his tail I'd say around 7" but it's hard to tell since their tails never sit still! My question is, what size do you think it is...
  6. Silverstream

    Finally time outside

    I found a large bird cage for free, so I could set up an outside area for my young veiled. He has been in it twice so far. He spent more time in the vines than sunning. Dont worry, I sit close by and get a little sun myself.
  7. Midninight

    my adorable chameleon

    I was looking through some my chameleon videos when he was really young; and, I wanted to share this one of him climbing up my arm. It's really cute. :)
  8. Zajlol

    Size of panther?

    Hi everyone I was wondering if my 6 month old panther is growing correctly lol. Well idk his weight bc I don't have a weighing thing :/ but he is about a foot long lol and has great color!
  9. Leonardo

    Getting that red around his face.

    My cham is about 4.5 months now, he is a panther morph. Here is his set up I built. He has the longest tail, I'm sure its average, it just seems so long.
  10. 5 Month Old Bb Panther

    5 Month Old Bb Panther

    Little guy just got here this morning. Seems to like his enclosure. He has spent all morning drinking from the drip and noon mist.
  11. One Of My Lil Boys

    One Of My Lil Boys

    This is a pic of one of the 12 lil ones that my adult veils had. This is a young male - 6 months old.
  12. Max


    only a few months ago, Max was such a cute little guy! now he's such a big beast! LOL
  13. Bennie B's Day Out

    Bennie B's Day Out

    juv. male veiled in the sun
  14. 4 Month Old Rusko

    4 Month Old Rusko

    Rusko is a 4 month old panther chameleon ambilobe amabaja designer cross. He's from Screameleons and he's awesome minus the colors, but he'll get there.
  15. Young Female

    Young Female

    My female veiled a few weeks after I purchased her.
  16. White


    On my bed, firing up.
  17. Playing With My Mac

    Playing With My Mac

    I was holding my female veiled and decided on a photo shoot
  18. Young Spikes

    Young Spikes

    Young Spikes from the Primo line. On his way to his first preventative care vet visit. Tests out very healthy - thanks to!
  19. Young Rose Boy

    Young Rose Boy

    Blue Bar Ambilobe Male Rose/Orange Colors -father was Spikes from Primo line. Mother was Isa from Isairy - Mifidy Bloodline - Kammerflage Kreations
  20. Young Louie

    Young Louie

    Soon after i brought him home
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