1. C

    minimum cage space for T. Jacksons?

    Fell in love with chams and so far my male veiled is doing fantastic and my feeder insects are breeding great. Looking to get a juvi male Jacksons. Going with reptibreeze. (My male is in the XL) What size would be appropriate? I heard they don't need AS much room as a adult veiled. Also...
  2. johncjb

    Cage for Baby Rudis Chams?

    Would it be alright if I kept a group of Rudis Chams in a 2'x2'x4' screen cage, or would they not get along? According to the new chameleon handbook, they can be kept in small groups, as they are more social than other chams. And when they arrive, they will be only 2"-3". Is the cage too...
  3. ChamyLove

    Should I be feeding him more?

    So I have an 8- 1/2 year old male panther chameleon, and he has grown a lot since I got him, but I see pictures of chameleons around his age and they look so much bigger. I currently feed him between 12-14 1/2 to 3/4 inch crickets a day (the amount depends on the size), and about every other...
  4. golf33

    Part time cage have to be full size?

    Hello, I live in Southern California and I have a 3 month old male veiled currently in a 20"x18"x18" and he is getting ready to move up in cage size. I have an awesome 6'x3'x3' outdoor setup for him as well. After he is about a year old, I plan to move him permanently outdoors. However, I will...
  5. MOsKeeper

    Cham Size

    So over the year and a half my MO has gone through 2 different cages. The first was a turtle tank that i turned upside down so that it had the height he needed to climb. As he got bigger i knew he would need a bigger one, so i bought him a 2'x2'x4' cage. ITS HUGE for him and he loved going into...
  6. Seeco

    Age progression male Kinyongia multituberculata

    Selected as a breeder at a very early age for his highly speckled pattern. Pretty cool aside from the horns bending: About 3 months. That is my pinkie he is on. Umm 5 months, who knows...Good example of an undersize cage. I have no recollection of taking this pic going with 9 months 12...
  7. Zajlol

    Size of panther?

    Hi everyone I was wondering if my 6 month old panther is growing correctly lol. Well idk his weight bc I don't have a weighing thing :/ but he is about a foot long lol and has great color!
  8. Leonardo

    Abilities, going in for the kill

    Its been awhile since I've posted any pictures, so here he is... 50% Ambilobe x 18.75% Ambanja x 12.5% Nosy Be x 12.5% Sambava x 6.25% Maroantsetra CB Panther Morph Cross AKA: Abilities.
  9. T

    I worry that his enclosure is too small

    Calvin forever wants to come out of his enclosure and I wonder if it is because he is bored of his surroundings and he needs somewhere bigger. I let him roam around the living room but it is hard because he always risks being trodden on by other family members and the dog. His enclosure is 18 by...
  10. SoCaliSon

    Worlds Largest Cham! Which one is it?

    I have always thought that Parsons was the worlds largest Cham Species... This is correct according to the Chams of Madagascar DVD I am addicted to watching daily. But I have seen sellers advertising other species such as Mellers and Oustalets as the worlds largest Cham... What's the Deal...
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