1. scs

    Direct Misting/Showers

    I've looked through a bunch of threads, not wanting to repeat questions over and over, but there were many different aspects and I want to make sure my cham has the best set up regarding water. I have a female veiled chameleon who is about 8-11 months old. She isn't gravid or anything and...
  2. Silverstream

    Whiskers morning shower

    Whiskers after his morning shower. I hope this works, this is my second attempt to add a pic.
  3. MyChameleonIsBro

    Showers instead of misting?

    Some days I can't get home from work and classes and I don't have time to mist him until the night. Every time that happens I put him in his cage in the shower and turn the shower head towards the wall so it mists down. It's usually for like ten to twenty minutes. He seems to really enjoy it. I...
  4. whitespyder

    thalamus hates me!

    my female veiled thalamus is still quite shy even after 5 months of having her (unless food is involved!). i dont handle her often and when i do its for a very short period of time and i usually give her a treat to try to have her associate my presence and leaving the cage as a good thing so she...
  5. Pascal Taking A Shower

    Pascal Taking A Shower

    This is a photo of my 5 month old panther ambilobe after a misting session.
  6. Melissa Meller Enjoying A Spa Day.

    Melissa Meller Enjoying A Spa Day.

    Melissa loves the water. She sometimes goes down into the tub for a swim.
  7. Enjoying The Rain

    Enjoying The Rain

    Oscar enjoying a shower
  8. Congo.


    Congo showering on top of his umbrella tree
  9. Hasselhoff Being A Hooligan

    Hasselhoff Being A Hooligan

    Left him alone in the shower for five minutes, came back and he had miraculously ascended to the shower hose I had purposely put out of his reach.
  10. The Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head

    The Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head

    charlie the 7month old male veiled chameleon
  11. Rainshower


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