thalamus hates me!


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my female veiled thalamus is still quite shy even after 5 months of having her (unless food is involved!). i dont handle her often and when i do its for a very short period of time and i usually give her a treat to try to have her associate my presence and leaving the cage as a good thing so she wont be nervous when i NEED to take her out.

so today i tried a shower for the first time hoping that she would enjoy it, but im afraid she was too preoccupied with me being there. i put her in her ficus tree in my shower with warm water hitting the wall so the plant itself wasnt getting hit directly. i was sitting below her since she gets nervous when im above her. the whole time she was staring at me and hiding behind leaves, but of course i dont want to leave her unattended just incase something went wrong. after the whole thing, i put her back in her cage and shes been hiding since.

she might not have enjoyed herself because of my presence but i want her to benefit from the showers and hopefully become more comfortable when im around. any advice?


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My panther gives me the evil eye if I stay in the bathroom during a shower
session, so I sit outside the door and peak in!:D


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Don't take it personal. As far as she is concerned you are going to eat her. Anything bigger than oneself in the chameleon world is designed to eat you.

I dont handle my guys and the times I have to take them out of their cage to clean it or put them in the shower, I feel like King Kong taking Fay Ray to the Empire State Building, the way they give me the 'look'. :rolleyes:


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I guess my chams are weird, both my male panther and melleri don't have a problem with me handling them. In the evening I take them out to free range and in the morning put them back in their cages. My panther can't wait for me to hold my hand out for him to climb onto and my melleri is more shy but has never acted aggressive towards me. They were both CB and hand raised.


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i guess ill have to be a peeping tom or put a camoflage tent in the bathroom to hide in! ill give her a weeks time before i try it again. hopefully shell enjoy it alot more when not so focused on my presence!
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