1. deadhd5

    Attaching Screen - Custom Enclosure

    Hello everyone! I am planning on building an outdoor enclouse 6'w x 3'd x 6'h (MOC, lol), divided up into 4 18"x36"x72" luxury apartments :) The goal here is to keep my chameleons outside full time for as long as the weather permits here in Cincinnati (hoping 6 months out of the year). I...
  2. Seeco

    My Methods Part 2. Chams Gettin Busy in the Kitchen.

    They fell in and just kept at it. Also a peek at the kind of feeding cup I use in heavily watered cages. Dries out quick and remains much cleaner. IF you are not using cups like this you are not doing it right :p
  3. tdadarwala

    Best Screen cage for Veiled

    What is the best screen cage (manufacturer) for a Veiled Chameleon? I have seen reptibreeze, exo-terra types. Any suggestions? Edit: it is approximatly 6 inches long. Not sure of the age.
  4. Echoezra

    Best mesh type/size for homemade enclosures

    So if I do decide to get crafty, lol, what's the best kind of mesh/screening to use, in homemade enclosures? What's going to be best for visibility, toe size, non-bug escaping, non-rusting, etc...? Thanks. I'm not very crafty, so I have no clue, so please be specific. :)
  5. Xepera

    Real life USB Chameleon? :D

    Which one do you prefer? The latter one is my curious little darling yesterday (veiled male 6 months). The whole photo series here.
  6. Chameleon Jim

    What to do about the light and the screen?

    Current Problem - My Cham keeps climbing onto the screen and going onto the roof of the enclosure. I am worried she is going to sit directly under the light and burn herself. I have read so many posts talking about the danger of chameleon burns and I am not sure how to handle this. Chameleon...
  7. LBonawitz

    new cage made w/ blood, sweat, and tears

    my pokey-man deserved a new cage. he has been living in an 18x18x24 enclosure since i got him (2 years ago). just since his pseudomonas treatment he's been climbing to the top poking his horns into the mesh, like "hey i'm stuck in here." so i started making him a new cage. it still needs to be...
  8. Rocket! You Have To Admit He's Incredibly Handsome ...

    Rocket! You Have To Admit He's Incredibly Handsome ...

    Our first chameleon ever! He's stunning and full of personality (we're only on day 2!) You guys are awesome! Confusing and complicated for people who have never owned anything requiring basking light, UVB, gut loading, etc.
  9. Large Cages

    Large Cages

    I use large sized cages for extra large males or groups of females.
  10. Row of Cages

    Row of Cages

    I like to put cages in a row with two 48 inch hood fixtures over them. Each fixture holds a 10.0 Reptisun tube light and various heat/basking bulbs. I like the streamlined look.
  11. Side by Side Cages

    Side by Side Cages

    Close up of caging which shows how I use potted plants to make the cages look more attractive.
  12. Cages in my Office

    Cages in my Office

    Additional cages in my home office.
  13. Cages by my Desk

    Cages by my Desk

    Cages closest to my desk. I like being able to see chameleons while I am sitting at my computer.
  14. Cage/plants


  15. Set up

    Set up

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